Our mission is to help build our sustainable future through clean technology solutions

Norwich Technologies (NT) strives to rapidly advance the integration and deployment of affordable clean energy and technology solutions to help companies, organizations and stakeholders improve their Triple Bottom Line (Financial, Social and Environmental) and move towards energy independence.

Our Values

  • 1
    Increased Energy Independence

    Clean locally generated renewable energy is vital to our sustainable future.

  • 2
    Reduced Pollution in Our Communities

    Clean technologies are vital for our health and our robust future.

  • 3
    Socially Responsible Business Practices

    Our business principles prioritize solutions that provide for economic, social, and environmental sustainability.

  • 4
    Create Job Opportunities

    We strive to provide good paying jobs that align with our team member's values, interests, and passions.

Our forward-looking Companies

norwich solar
Norwich Solar

Advancing affordable solar power to help New England companies, communities and institutions.

runtime solar
RunTime Solar

Specialized in managing commercial and community solar projects across Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine.

norwich ev
Norwich EV

Focused on increasing the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) by removing barriers to customer adoption.

Building a Greener Future

Norwich Technologies develops, commercializes, and deploys forward looking clean energy innovations for our commercial, community, and utility customers. From US Department of Energy R&D funded grants to hundreds of commercial solar and EV charging installations, Norwich Technologies’ experience and services are supporting all communities’ transition to a cleaner robust future. As a certified B Corp, we measure more than just the bottom line or kilowatt hours, we are purpose-driven family of companies creating benefit for all stakeholders.
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